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🧠How does the ADHD INCUP Motivation Model apply to Eating with ADHD®?


Alright ADHDers, let's have another chat about the one, the only, MOTIVATION!


Elusive in nature and oh so empowering when the stars (and chemicals in our brain) align in motivated harmony


We know that tapping into motivation is hard for people with ADHD due to differences in executive function and brain chemistry, like challenges with delayed gratification, task perception, emotional regulation difficulties, susceptibility to environmental distractions, etc, etc, etc. 


But guess what? We've got some secret sauce, a trusty tool to share with you, for igniting that motivation.


Drumroll please... let’s introduce the INCUP model!



I know it doesn’t sound especially sexy but bare with me on this one… 


INCUP: interest, novelty, challenge, urgency, and passion


The INCUP model, created by William Dodson, a psychiatrist who has dedicated his career to learning about and supporting...

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How Do I Know if I’m Actually HUNGRY🍕, or Just Seeking DOPAMINE🧠?


This is the new-age old question. 


Here are some of the questions we frequently get asked by clients and members of our Eating with ADHD® Neurished community:


“Shouldn’t I just KNOW when I’m hungry?”

“Why can’t I tell the difference between hunger and seeking dopamine?” 

“Isn’t it ‘bad’ to use food for a dopamine hit, if I am not hungry?”  


Does some of this brain chatter sound familiar to you? Want some answers? Read on!!


Bringing awareness to, interpreting, and responding to our internal cues (which include both hunger and a need for dopamine) takes time and practice to learn and feel comfortable with, especially for those of us living with ADHD. 


ADHD Brains are Different  

As neurodivergent humans, we tend to have…

  •  Lower Interoceptive Awareness 

    • Difficulty recognizing and understanding...
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Navigating Food Waste with a Neurodivergent Brain


Let's delve into a notable, and all-too-familiar hurdle that arises when navigating food and eating with a neurodivergent brain (ADHD, Autism, OCD, or any other flavor of neurospicy). You probably know it: the cringe-worthy and dreaded experience of guilt, frustration, and self-judgment that often shows up in response to finding (or avoiding) that rotten broccoli, moldy bread, container of something unrecognizable, freezer-burned chicken, and SO. MUCH. MORE.

It's an experience often marked with spirals of negative self-talk, echoing "WHY does this keep happening!? WHY can't I get a handle on it!? What's WRONG with me!?" And despite earnest efforts, genuine intentions, and constant attempts at pushing those thoughts to the back of our minds (and refrigerators), the issue remains stubbornly present.

So, it's time to talk about the shame monster that haunts so many of us day after day after day: FOOD WASTE


The refrigerator holds all...

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Thoughts on Ozempic from the Wise Heart Nutrition Dietitians


Oh Ozempic. What a time to be alive and witnessing the new sci-fi-like rubbish from the worlds of diet and wellness culture. You have probably seen a story about *it* in the news, had conversations centered around *it* at your holiday tables, or maybe even have done your own curious digging and searching around the “extra extra!! new weight loss solution!!” BS that diet culture loves to spoon feed us on the regular.

The time has come to have a little chat about Ozempic.


OZEMPIC: What It's DOING, What It's DONE, & What We DON’T KNOW

If you are currently living under a rock or have somehow found a way around hearing about this new craze (but still somehow managed to find this blog post, lucky you!), We will give a brief overview of some current Ozempic deets and facts: 

  • Originally created and FDA approved for type 2 diabetics for blood sugar and insulin level management from one shot a week
  • Imitates the hormone glucagon-like-peptide-1...
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What's a Dopamine Menu and How Can It Help Me with Motivation?

How often have I found myself in this trance? Aimlessly wandering through the house with a restless lack of direction, motivation, and a daunting sense of uncertainty about how to break free from this stalled out inertia. Luckily, I’ve been hit with a BRAIN BOLT that once again reminds me of the trusty tool that has rescued me time and time again from this restless state. 


Out of the desk drawer and into the light, I unearthed my once-forgotten but still perfectly serviceable "dopamine menu". Its novel, yet familiar presence was just the guidance I needed to pinpoint activities that could infuse my brain with some MUCH-needed dopamine, providing the energetic *spark* necessary to tackle the day of pending tasks.


In the whirlwind of our fast-paced world, where distractions abound and demand after demand looms, creating and sustaining focus and motivation is a very real challenge, especially for folx with ADHD. 


Cut to our shining “dopamine...

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A Lifetime Relationship with Food and Eating: A Holiday Reflection

Rounding the corner, momentum strong, pumpkin spice thick in the air. You guessed it, the holiday season is nipping at our heels again! 


Along with a good dose of joy, merry, and warmth, this time of year can also conjure up some bigger (and sometimes downright uncomfy) feelings, emotions, and reflections within our mind and body around sticky food rules, harsh and critical self-talk, and shame shame shame for every little move we make (or don’t make). 


Personally, I’ve been feeling the pull to reflect on my food and body journey of holiday time past, my navigation of newer territory around the holidays this year, and some bigger picture food and body relationship realizations for future holidays (and future life in general)! 


Oh yeah, who am I you may be asking? Let me introduce myself! 

Hi there! I’m Marcy :) I’m a current Masters of Science in Nutrition student at Bastyr in San Diego, an ADHD human with a decade of...

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What's the ADHD Eating Spiral and How Can I Get Out of It?

As a human who is eating with ADHD, you likely experience some *unique* patterns and habits around food and eating. Even when you do your very best to nourish yourself, you might often find yourself in a pretty sticky ADHD eating spiral.


Medicated for ADHD or not, it’s hard to snap out of hyper-focus, hard to hear and understand your special and subtle hunger cues, hard to face the steps on steps on steps it takes to get food from the kitchen to your mouth, and with an undernourished mind and body, your animal instincts can quickly become a barbaric sensation of NEED FOOD, ME HUNGRY… NOW! And thanks to diet culture, there is a steady stream of guilt, shame, and self-judgment that follows all of this. 


That my friends, is what the Wise Heart team likes to call the ADHD Eating Spiral.

*click to check this post out on our the_adhd_rd Instagram!*

And for those of you that are of the unmedicated ADHD variety, this spiral has a similar loop but a different...

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3 Steps to Help You Let Go Of Food and Body Rules this Fall

Have you ever thought about the rules - some more obvious, others almost unnoticeable - that you hold around food and your body? Everyone has unique beliefs, narratives, and ideas that drive how we each relate to food and body, but where did they come from and why do we hold onto them? To really understand your own unique set of food and body rules, it can be helpful to take a little trip backwards in time, to visit your younger self.*

*If thinking about your own childhood feels triggering or activating, we suggest thinking about children in general for the example below



Hi, little child, you. Sitting criss-cross-applesauce on the floor of the kitchen, overhearing the adults chatter on about what they don’t like or need to change about their bodies, commiserating over failed dieting attempts and sharing the latest fad diet tips…  all of this swirling around as normalized kitchen counter chatter. The tune of the conversation getting slowly and...

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Feeling Restless? Add Some New Tools to your Toolbox!

Transitions, changes, the unknown. Boredom, monotony, lack of stimulation. Both sides of the spectrum, both faces of the coin, can bring a sense of restlessness within us. It can feel unsettling in the body and for many of us, it’s hard to sit and be with that buzzy feeling of unease. 


Our natural human instinct is to sound the brain sirens, react to that restlessness, impulsively grab the quickest and trustiest toolbox tool we’ve got, and hope the discomfort can be pacified, just for a moment, please! 


So what does that trusty tool look like for most of us? Like a mother that gives a bottle to a crying baby, our lifetime body wisdom tells us food will comfort, console, and bring relief to us during those pesky periods. 


And yes! Lived experience has shown us time and time again that the action of eating does soothe the ever-so-ancy soul. It is a tried and true tool in the emotional toolbox and because it’s also linked to the...

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Moving Towards Being More KIND in our MIND: 3 Practices to Start!

I’m sure I’m not the only one that needs to hear this (and could really use the reminder #forever&always ) but boy oh boy can it feel like an uphill battle to be kind in our highly stimulated minds! The not-so-kind-in-our mind thoughts can feel like second nature, like a smooth and deeply grooved neural pattern to berate and beat ourselves up with. Whether it’s something we said last week, something we did yesterday, something we ate today, or something we’re actively thinking about (“WHY AM I THINKING THIS WAY?” inception) it still leaves us feeling worse for wear in our mind and body and keeps the un-kind groove… groovin’. 


Our quirky and unique brains can easily get on the un-kind merry-go-round, but have a hard time getting off once the cycles and circles are in motion. The thoughts are painfully stimulating! Emotionally charged! And it can feel like they’re firing on all cylinders up there. 


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