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Rebecca Hambright MS, RDN

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Nutrition Therapist


Hi there! I am an anti-diet Dietitian, and my practice is focused on weight-inclusivity, intuitive eating, and body neutrality. My values are rooted in respect and empathy for all bodies. I understand that experiences related to food and body come with nuance and are affected by systems of oppression, and I am committed to working against fat-phobia, weight stigma, and healthism. I am passionate about empowering others to reclaim their inherent body wisdom and I will encourage you to challenge food rules and health assumptions in order to discover a relationship with food, body, and mind that is based in compassion. 

My areas of focus are in neurodivergence / ADHD (lived experience), healing from both religious and diet culture trauma (lived experience), chronic illness, queer identity (lived experience), breaking the diet cycle, disordered eating, body image, and maternal health.

I achieved both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degrees in Dietetics at Appalachian State University, and still reside in lovely western North Carolina. In my free time you can find me cooking, taking walks, enjoying mother nature, and eating all the yummy southern food.

Rebecca works with clients ages 18+ and is currently not accepting new clients. 

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Sara Kushner MS, RDN

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Nutrition Therapist


I'm Sara, an anti-diet Dietitian with a zeal for compassionate, inclusive care. My professional practice is centered around a philosophy of intuitive eating, body acceptance, and weight-inclusive care, because I believe that all people deserve to build a positive relationship with food, body, and mind. 

My particular areas of interest is supporting ADHDers and other neurodiverse individuals in pursuit of a healthier relationship with food. As an ADHDer myself, I am intimately aware of the struggles that neurodiversity can cause when it comes to food and eating behaviors. I recognize that the needs of neurodiverse-identifying individuals are different from those of the general population, and I aim to provide care that is informed by the unique needs and lived experiences of each individual client. I also love working with athletes who need support fueling for their sport. 

I hold a Master's of Science in Nutrition from Bastyr University. Currently, I split my time between Seattle, Washington and Rockville, Maryland. When I'm not hard at work helping fellow ADHDers journey through the world of intuitive eating, you may find me hiking in the mountains of Washington, snuggling up with a good book, or enjoying a delectable bowl of pesto pasta.

Sara works with clients ages 13+ and has immediate availability for new clients. 

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Aleta Storch MS, RDN, LMHC

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Founder, Nutrition Therapist, and Certified Body Trust® Provider 


Hi! I'm Aleta, the founder of Wise Heart Nutrition. I have been personally and professionally devoted to learning, practicing, and a promoting Health at Every Size (HAES®), which is rooted in socially-just, weight-neutral and non-diet care, for over 15 years. I believe that bodies are inherently different in size, shape, and capability, and that every body deserves respect, compassion, and care. I do not see health as a moral imperative, a reflection of a person's value, or an obligation. I want to help you establish a compassionate and trusting relationship with food and your body, and to support you in your journey towards value centered living. 

My goal as a provider is to offer weight-inclusive, compassionate nutrition and mental health support to those struggling with any food or body image concerns, as well as issues related to chronic disease. Through my work, I also strive to dismantle diet-culture, bring awareness to the proliferation of weight-stigma and it's negative effects, and fight against fat-phobia.

I personally have combined-type ADHD, and have dedicated much of my work to the neurodivergent population. I love supporting ADHDers in better understanding their brain, and how it relates to their experience with food and eating. I work with clients to establish ADHD-friendly tools and systems that support full body and brain nourishment.

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist as well as a Washington State Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I graduated from Bastyr University in 2016 with Master’s degrees in Nutrition Science, Dietetics, and Clinical Health Psychology. I became a Certified Body Trust® Provider in 2017. My education and training have provided me with a unique understanding of the inherent connections between food, body, mind, spirit, and community.

Aleta works with clients ages 17+ and currently has a waitlist.

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