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FullScript Supplements

A trusted distributor of professional grade vitamins and supplements

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Eco-conscious and fun Swedish dishcloths for keeping your kitchen clean and sparkly!

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Llama Naturals

Delicious gummy vitamins and supplements made from real fruit, for kids and adults

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MoonBird Breathing Coach

A handheld device to help you relax your nervous system and slow down your breath. The app offers in-the-moment bio-feedback for HR, HRV, and coherence 

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Daily Harvest

Delicious, convenient, pre-made meals, delivered to you door!

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Well Resourced RD

Quality tools and resources made by nutrition experts, for other providers and the general public *

Sciabaca Olive Oil

The most amazing cold-pressed olive oil from a small-family owned farm in California. I put the basil oil on everything! *

Loop Earplugs

Tune out all the external chatter, noise, and distraction with Loop Earplugs!*

Aura Bora

Carbonated water in unique and fun flavors! All natural ingredients.*

Daily Harvest

Convenient, simple, & delicious meal kits, delivered to your door!

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Oats Overnight

Spoon free, delicious, nutrient packed oatmeal packets for the best overnight or morning oats! * 

Resources for Food and Body Healing 

Suggestions for learning more or diving deeper into the process of healing through anti-diet, intuitive eating, and HAES based lenses.

Why Anti-Diet? (resources & links)


Buy-A-Book Scholarship Program

Want to help others gain access to high-quality nutrition support programs and services? It's as simple as buying a book!

All proceeds from purchases made through this affiliate site now only go towards supporting local bookstores, but also fund scholarships for my Anti-Diet Eating with ADHD group program, for those who would otherwise be unable to afford the full program cost. Please bookmark this shop and return to it for all of your book buying needs! Your support is greatly appreciated!



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