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3 Steps to Help You Let Go Of Food and Body Rules this Fall

Have you ever thought about the rules - some more obvious, others almost unnoticeable - that you hold around food and your body? Everyone has unique beliefs, narratives, and ideas that drive how we each relate to food and body, but where did they come from and why do we hold onto them? To really understand your own unique set of food and body rules, it can be helpful to take a little trip backwards in time, to visit your younger self.*

*If thinking about your own childhood feels triggering or activating, we suggest thinking about children in general for the example below



Hi, little child, you. Sitting criss-cross-applesauce on the floor of the kitchen, overhearing the adults chatter on about what they don’t like or need to change about their bodies, commiserating over failed dieting attempts and sharing the latest fad diet tips…  all of this swirling around as normalized kitchen counter chatter. The tune of the conversation getting slowly and...

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