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Thoughts on Ozempic from the Wise Heart Nutrition Dietitians


Oh Ozempic. What a time to be alive and witnessing the new sci-fi-like rubbish from the worlds of diet and wellness culture. You have probably seen a story about *it* in the news, had conversations centered around *it* at your holiday tables, or maybe even have done your own curious digging and searching around the “extra extra!! new weight loss solution!!” BS that diet culture loves to spoon feed us on the regular.

The time has come to have a little chat about Ozempic.


OZEMPIC: What It's DOING, What It's DONE, & What We DON’T KNOW

If you are currently living under a rock or have somehow found a way around hearing about this new craze (but still somehow managed to find this blog post, lucky you!), We will give a brief overview of some current Ozempic deets and facts: 

  • Originally created and FDA approved for type 2 diabetics for blood sugar and insulin level management from one shot a week
  • Imitates the hormone glucagon-like-peptide-1...
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