A judgment-free space for ADHDers that are #SoDone with neurotypical advice and want to actually learn how to nourish themselves the ADHD way. 

Raise your hand if any of this sounds familiar…


You ping-pong between forgetting to eat (even with ALL the alarms) and spending all your money on last minute takeout dinners


You struggle to figure out what to eat, or to finish the food on your plate because it’s #Boring and end up binging Great British Baking Show on Netflix instead


You find yourself stuck in a never-ending restrict / binge cycle 


You can’t eat anything that you don’t immediately crave - AKA chicken gyoza + edamame for days


You started a new medication and it feels like you’re back to square one when it comes to feeding yourself


You’ve hired nutritionists who didn’t understand that cutting certain food groups (hi, sugar!) just won’t work for you (or anyone really)


You have an irrational fear of starving and find yourself hoarding food even when you aren’t hungry


Your kitchen feels like a war zone and the idea of even entering it to get or make food makes you want to run and hide


You’re tired of seeing all the #DietTalk and #AntiFat rubbish on the internet and wish there was someone that could teach you how to kindly nourish your body


This is me in a nutshell!

Real talk: If following the latest diet fad was the answer, you wouldn't be here right now.

What if we told you that  there’s a neurodivergent friendly, anti-diet approach to eating that prioritizes your day to day capacity, your energy and motivation (i.e. your ADHD brain)?

Eating with ADHD® has entered the chat...

Say hello to creating more freedom with food where you turn down the volume on all the “shoulds” and actually enjoy nourishing your body and brain.

Imagine how your life could be different when you:


Know exactly how to tap into and honor your hunger and satiety cues


Finally break free from the ADHD restirct / binge cycle


Embrace your unique-to-you eating habits without fearing the “shoulds”


Feel safe in a judgment-free and supportive community of non-diet ADHDers, who understand you


Create a toolbox of different ADHD-friendly different work-arounds to make sure that get the fuel your body needs


Receive expert education rooted in self-compassion and designed for the ADHD brain



I want all of this!



The monthly-membership program for ADHDers who are looking to heal their relationship with food and their brain so they can neurish themselves the ADHD way.

The Juicy Details:

Neurished will help you thrive through:

Eating with ADHD® Foundations Course 

($600 value)

Learning how to nourish yourself with ADHD starts with unlearning. This mini-course will provide you with the necessary foundations to understand the relationship you have between nutrition and your ADHD. You’ll explore and identify your unique-to-you ADHD specific barriers to nourishing your body and experiment with easy, overwhelm-free tools for feeding your body and brain.

Get Sh*t Done Sessions 

($400 value)

As ADHDers we often struggle with getting sh*t done by ourselves, which is why you get weekly body doubling sessions. Inside these 60 minute sessions you have the opportunity to check things off your list, whether it’s to clear out your fridge, do some dishes, or come up with meal ideas for the week.

Private Community Space 

($200 value)

Community is a crucial part of your journey to eating with ADHD. It’s important for you to connect with like-minded folks that are on the same path, doing the same work so you can get the accountability and support you need from a judgment-free space.

Guest Expert Workshops 

($300 value)

There’s so much more to thriving with ADHD than nutrition which is why I’ve handpicked guest experts that can help fill those gaps. These guest expert workshops are specifically designed to complement the work you’ll be doing inside Eating with ADHD.

Did we mention you also get these bonuses that will help adapt a gentle approach to eating with ADHD?

Spontaneous Workshops 

($250 value)

There’s nothing an ADHDer loves more than spontaneity which is why quarterly (we won’t say when yet) you’ll get LIVE workshops with your fave ADHD RDs (Aleta and/or Sara), that take you beyond the foundations of Eating with ADHD®. These workshops are an opportunity for you to learn more about a specific topic and get some amazing tools to try, so that you can dig deeper and apply what you are learning into your everyday life.

Resource Vault 

($100 value)

This is a collection of our favorite, and new resources - and it will grow over time. Once you join, you’ll get immediate access to these resources that have helped so many of us navigate the anti-diet world and eating with ADHD, like podcast episodes, recipes, and blogs.


Replay and Video Library

($500 value)

We save all of our workshops and guest expert calls so that you can access the replays at any time. We also upload short "small bite" videos (10 minutes or less) where we answer member questions, offer some quick tips and tools, or provide additional education on various topics. These are great resources for the days you just don't have a lot of steam, but still want a bit of extra learning and support.

Weekly and Monthly Challenges

($50 value)

You’re probably thinking “Omg I can’t handle any more challenges in my life" or "that might be too hard for me.” Don’t worry about it, we’ll be creating a variety of challenges for you to choose from based on where you are at with energy, time, etc. - so you don’t have to feel any pressure or  guilt to participate in a way that overextends your capacity. The goal of these challenges will be to add more fun to your eating journey and not the other way around. 

And, it's only


  •  Eating with ADHD Foundations course
  • Weekly Get Sh*t Done Sessions

  • Private Community Space

  • Guest Expert Trainings

  • Spontaneous Workshops

  • Resources Vault

  • Replay and Small Bite Video Library

  • Monthly and Weekly Challenges

I'm so ready for this!

Neurished is a monthly membership for ADHDers, where you can learn, grow, connect, and nourish your brain and your body!

Hi! I'm Aleta!

I help ADHDers (just like you) understand what it means to be neurodivergent, and ditch diet culture so you can develop a trusting, compassionate and values-centered relationship with food and your brain.


Whether you’ve been following me for a while now or you’re meeting me for the first time, you're likely here because you want to break free from diet culture and learn how to intuitively nourish yourself. 


I see you, because I’ve been through it. 


I had already done a bunch of healing work around my relationship with food and actively rejecting diet culture. I was in recovery from an eating disorder. I was in school to be a freaking dietitian!


But that didn’t solve my difficulties with meeting my food needs...


My ADHD/executive dysfunction was creating a whole set of different barriers that I had never fully addressed.


And it only got worse when I was in graduate school where I found myself in this unintentionally and seemingly uncontrollable cycle of not eating enough and then compensating by eating random things I could find in my pantry or whatever quick fix I had access to. 


So even though I had broken free from diet culture, I still had to live in a world that expected me to exist as a neurotypical person (aka meal plan, weekly grocery shopping, making food from scratch, and the list goes on). 


My big AHA moment came during a therapy appointment where I was sharing how overwhelmed I was trying to juggle school work and making pizza for me and my roomie. 


“Aleta, you are falling into all-or-nothing thinking again... you do know that there’s a pizza place just around the corner right? You don’t have to make the pizza from scratch even though that was your plan.”


That’s when it hit me. 


It wasn’t that…

I didn’t care enough.

I wasn’t motivated enough.

I didn’t try hard enough. 


I realized that I was trying to live the neurotypical way instead of approaching eating with self-compassion and an ADHD lens. 


And that’s exactly why I created this membership. 

Our goal is to hand you my real-life tested strategies so you can build a way of eating that’s centered around trusting yourself and supports the way your ADHD brain works. 

But you don't have to do it alone...

Here is what people are saying about our Eating with ADHD® programs:


A lot of people can empathize with the emotions surrounding ADHD & eating, but it's so nice to have a fellow ADHDer that can guide you through... 'okay here's the actual concrete logistics of how we're going to work smarter, not harder'. I think it's that step that has failed with [other providers], who just don't get it & usually can't give appropriate advice

-Jojo Coburn


This program has been transformational for me! I have so much more grace and compassion in my relationship with food and I have a better understanding of how my ADHD affects my eating!

-Lindsay Freedman


I love this whole course and all of the pieces that go along with it. I just need to slow down and take the time to read and digest all of the information. Knowing that I am not alone with this as I learn more is super helpful. I just want to keep learning more

-Lara Kaplan


The course has prompted me to think about my relationship with food through a completely different lens. I used to think that my shortcomings with regards to properly nourishing myself to be some sort of issue with ME, but I've learned that many of my problems that I have had with food are symptoms of my ADHD. It has been so fascinating to learn about the reasons why I forget to eat or grocery shop in such a judgment free space

-Atea Stefani


I finally found what I needed! The support I got from this program isn’t available anywhere (or from anyone) else! Aleta not only provides an entire curriculum for learning about food and ADHD, but she also addresses the problems of diet culture and how this shows up in ADHD recommendations and advice. My mind is being BLOWN every week, and I plan to go back through the materials at least a few more times, because there is lots of amazing stuff to learn here!

-Jayleen Arellano-Marquez


It's so important, what Aleta is doing! I just love her whole anti-diet approach because ADHDers have been sold a totally BS bill of goods about food, diet culture, & all of that crap and she is challenging all of it!

-Tracy Otsuka (host of ADHD for Smart-Ass Women podcast)

Are you in!?

Neurished Membership Program

For only $57/month*

You get...


  • Eating with ADHD Foundations course

  • Weekly Get Sh*t Done Sessions

  • Private Community Space

  • Guest Expert Trainings

  • Spontaneous Workshops

  • Resources Vault

  • Replay and Small Bite Video Library

  • Monthly and Weekly Challenges


Yes, I want to be a Neurished Member!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are feeling ready to better understand your ADHD brain, ditch diet culture, and get support from a non-judgemental community, so that you can finally learn how to nourish your brain and body, Neurished is the place for you!

We can't wait to meet you!