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Eating with ADHD ®

Nutrition Groups, Programs, Workshops, and Coaching for

ADHDers looking to ditch diet culture

Exciting News! I am working on making the group program into a monthly membership to increase access, decrease cost, and allow you to join any time! 

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Eating with ADHD® Workshops

An Anti-Diet Approach to

Eating with ADHD®

online group program

An comprehensive program designed to help YOU break out of a chaotic eating pattern, and build sustainable systems and the confidence to nourish your body and your brain!


If you want... 

  • Tools and skills for connecting with, understanding, and responding to your hunger and fullness cues 

  • Systems that provide structure and routine with meals and snacks to help reduce chaotic eating patterns

  • A community of other ADHDers who provide accountability, compassion, laughter, and support, every step of the way

  • An anti-diet, Intuitive Eating based approach to nourishing your body and your brain 

  • A dedicated space for self-reflection, values clarification, and self-compassion work

  • Access to live support from a Dietitian who has and understands the intersection of ADHD and food, eating, and nutrition

...then this program is for YOU!! 

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An ADHD-friendly, step-by-step approach

In this online group program, you will learn about the relationship between nutrition/food and ADHD, explore and identify ADHD specific barriers to nourishing your body, and experiment with workable and sustainable tools for feeding your body and your brain.

You will gain the knowledge, self-awareness, experience, and community support needed to sustain long lasting changes.


What People Are Saying

10-Module Course

A new module is released every month. You can work through the materials each month, or take it at your own pace. You will have lifetime access to the course.


Live Q&A Calls

Access monthly live Q&A calls for additional learning, support, and accountability. You will have lifetime access to these.

Tailored Support

Reach out to the community for additional support and get one-on-one support through Voxer (a text and voice messaging app). You will have lifetime access to this.

Strategy Classes

These are LIVE trainings that will focus on and dive deeper into a variety of ADHD tools and skills. Class themes include self-compassion, decision fatigue, perfectionism, motivation, etc. 

My Eating with ADHD® program will offer you a new way of relating to food and eating. I will help you understand how your ADHD is impacting your relationship with food. I will teach you how to nourish your body AND your brain. I will give you the tools to make planning, shopping, cooking, eating, and cleaning feel less time consuming, stressful, and chaotic.


You will get off of the struggle bus with food and step into the rest of your life with more energy, time, freedom, and joy!

I want in!
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Eating with ADHD® Course Outline 

Module 1: Anti-Diet and Intuitive Eating - Why?
Module 2: Ableism, Identifying Issues, Self-Compassion
Module 3: Values, Habits, Motivation, and Goals
Module 4: Interoceptive Awareness and Hunger 
Module 5: Eating Regularly and Consistently 
Module 6: Eating Adequately 
Module 7: Creating Abundance and Accessibility 
Module 8: Exploring Variety and Outsourcing
Module 9: Pleasure and Satisfaction
Module 10: Incorporating Gentle Nutrition for ADHD
Module 11: Planning, Shopping, Cooking
Module 12: Maintaining Forward Movement - Now What?

Meet Aleta:

Hello, I'm Aleta (uh-lee-tuh). I created the Anti-Diet Approach to Eating with ADHD program. I am a Registered Dietitian, Therapist, Certified Body Trust Provider, the owner of Wise Heart Nutrition and Wellness, and the creator of the Eating with ADHD™ group program... and, I have ADHD. 

I love helping folks move away from diet culture and reclaim an intuitive, trusting, compassionate relationship with food and their body. I firmly believe that everyone is the expert of their own body, weight is not indicative of health, and that health is not a moral obligation. 

My lived experience with food / body issues and ADHD, and my values around social justice and nonconformity are what led to the work I feel so passionate about.

When I am not focused on my work, I can typically be found skiing or foraging for mushrooms in the PNW mountains, snuggled on the couch with my dog, partner, and a good book, or making a creative (and hopefully delicious) mess in the kitchen. 

Exciting News! I am updating the group program materials and structure in order to increase access, decrease cost, and allow you to join any time! 

Registration will open late December 2022!

If you would like to learn more, you can be added to the "interest list" and I will email you with updates when the program is ready to be released again! 

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Pricing and Product Breakdown

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All prices are listed in $ USD

I totally get that this is a big investment, AND I want you to consider the cost of NOT getting the support you need to make lasting changes with food and eating.  If you are struggling, and your relationship with food is getting in the way of being the best version of yourself, what are you losing / missing out on by continuing to be in the struggle?

The value of everything you will get from my program is worth much, much more than the actual price. One of the most important lessons I have learned in the last year, is that self-investment leads to self-improvement.

With that being said, I also know that finances can be a real barrier to accessing resources. If it feels like too much to invest at once, consider utilizing the payment plan option. You can also get on my mailing list for access to early bird pricing! 

Still not sure? Let's hop on a call and I can answer any questions you have, so that you can make an informed decision and feel good about your purchase. Shoot me an email to set up a time to chat!

Equity Pricing: If finances are a barrier, you can apply for a scholarship to help reduce the program cost. Please email me for an application.  

You CAN make changes to the way you care for yourself, and you CAN feed your body and brain in order to increase and maintain energy throughout the day, sustain attention and concentration, and be more present, engaged, and happy in your life!

And... you CAN do this without engaging in diet culture!

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This is a space for ADHDers to talk about all things food, eating, & nutrition through an INTUITIVE EATING & ANTI-DIET lens. If you are new to this work, great! We all start somewhere, & as long as you are curious & open to learning about & living into this radical paradigm you are welcome here!

Count me in!

Additional notes on Eating with ADHD® products:

There are no refunds. 

If you decide that you no longer want a product after purchasing it, or to stop participating before the end of the group program, you remain responsible for completing any remaining payments in full.

Why do I have this policy?

Because, I want you to make a purchase built on confidence and consent, and I have zero desire to use toxic sales tactics to make you buy a product that isn't going to offer value to you. For the group program, if you are unsure about whether it is right for you, please email me ([email protected]) and we can hop on a call and chat.

By purchasing any products that I sell, you agree to my copyright policy and will not share, circulate or reproduce materials or proprietary information from this program.

You also agree to respect the identities, privacy, and confidentiality of other members and will not share screenshots, recordings or information disclosed in any of the Eating with ADHD® group spaces or products with other parties.

To protect my clients and customers, anyone who does not uphold these requirements may have their access to products, community spaces and/or memberships revoked without a refund.

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