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Why Use an Anti-Diet Approach?

The approach we take at Wise Heart Nutrition is that weight is not indicative of health, that intentional weight loss is not sustainable, and weight loss does not lead to positive health outcomes over the long term.

Unfortunately, folks are told over and over by medical professionals (including dietitians) that losing weight is necessary, when there actually isn't robust or causal research behind those recommendations. What we do know is that 95% of people who lose weight intentionally, end up gaining all or more back within 2-5 years. People end up fixating on weight and trying endlessly to figure out how to lose weight and then maintain that weight loss. This often results in more weight gain and metabolic damage over time, as well as disordered eating. We also know that health conditions/goals can be successfully managed with anti-diet and intuitive eating methods. 

One of the ways that we support clients in balancing their desire (or feeling the need) to lose weight with Intuitive Eating is to temporarily put weight on the backburner. Instead, we focus on health behaviors regardless of weight change, knowing that you can always go back to a weight loss approach if you decide that is what you want/need. There is no right or wrong approach - you get to decide what is best for you because you are the expert of your body and experience. 

We have chosen to practice with the anti-diet approach because we believe in compassionate and evidence-based care. Please explore these anti-diet and intuitive eating resources to discover the evidence that supports the success of the anti-diet approach. 


What's Wrong with the "War on O------"? - SAGE Journals

Intuitive Eating, Objective Weight Status, & Physical Indicators of Health - O------ Science and Practice 

 Better Ways to Understand Emotional Eating - Freedom From Food

What is Diet Culture? - SELF Magazine

Mechanisms of Weight Regain Following Weight Loss - International Scholarly Research Notices Journal

Why Do Dieters Regain Weight? - American Psychological Association

The Weight of the Evidence - SLATE Magazine

The Relationship between Body Size & Mortality - International Journal of O------

The Science on Weight & Health - SELF Magazine

Weight Discrimination & Risk of Mortality - Psychological Science 

Weight Science: Evaluating the Evidence for a Paradigm Shift - Lindo Bacon & Lucy Aphramor 

Body Appreciation & Intuitive Eating in Eating Disorder Recovery - International Journal of Eating Disorders 

It's Time to Retire BMI - Medpage Today

The Most Popular Rule of Weight Loss is Completely Wrong - Washington Post

Addressing Social Determinants of Health - ASPE Office of Health Policy 

O------ & Genetics - Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners 

Intuitive Eating is Connected to Self-reported Weight Stability - International Journal of Eating Disorders

Sugar Addition: The State of the Science - European Journal of Nutrition 

* content warning: some of these articles include the mention of o------ and pathologization of weight - Wise Heart Nutrition does not endorse these messages *   

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