Diet Culture Drop Out

Build a community of long lasting friendships and ditch diet culture for good!


Are you feeling lonely in your journey of deconstructing diet culture? Are you looking for friends that you can talk to about all things anti-diet and intuitive eating? Welcome, diet culture drop out!


Join Wise Heart Nutrition dietitians Sara & Rebecca and connect with other anti-diet friends weekly for a laugh, cry, or virtual hug. (maybe even a cocktail or mocktail!) This group meets on Wednesdays at 5:00pm PST / 8:00pm EST for 6 weeks each round. Diet Culture Dropout is open to people across the US. We're asking for a commitment to 5 weeks to form a strong community. If you do attend all sessions - bonus! - you'll be getting a 6 session value at a 5 session price!

Diet Culture Dropout is for you if you are looking for...

- a community where you can share your gripes with diet culture

- an open discussion with people that share your values 

- a fun and flexible environment 

Diet Culture Dropout is not for you if you are looking for...

- a processing group for active disordered eating/eating disorders

- a structured curriculum 

- personalized nutrition counseling



The second round of Diet Culture Drop Out is coming this fall 2023! Join the interest list in order to get an exclusive early bird discount! 

DCDO Interest List

We will update you on DCDO as we get closer to the next round!






Pay this amount if:

  • You are able to meet your basic needs and pay off your bills on a regular basis.
  • You hold at least one privileged identity that increases access to socioeconomic stability. 
  • You have consistent and reliable income, and/or access to benefits through work.

Pay It Forward



Pay this amount if:

  • Your needs are comfortably met and you typically have additional spending money or savings.
  • You hold many privileged identities that increases access to socioeconomic stability. 
  • You have generous income or are financially stable and can pay a little more to support others who can't.




Pay this amount if:

  • You have difficulty meeting basic needs or are struggling to pay off bills and/or debt.
  • You hold one or more marginalized identities that decrease access to socioeconomic stability. 
  • You have unreliable income, work for minimum wage, or you are unemployed.